The smarter way to do parking management

Hi! is a complete hardware/software parking solution that manages itself and supercharges your revenues.

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Lower costs, higher utilization

Spend less time managing your parking facilities and remove the hassle of day-to-day operations. Our data-driven smart intelligence manages your parking facility so you don’t have to, reducing overhead and operating costs across your parking facilities and allowing you to spend your time on other areas of your business.

Barrier-free = hassle-free

Smart customer self-service solutions like app payment and barrier-free entry means less time is spent on servicing visitors and dealing with the headaches of payment and billing. Hi! allows your visitors to drive in, park and drive out without having to interact with barriers, ticket kiosks or physical payment systems. This means that you get happier visitors and a parking solution that is cheaper to maintain and demands less of your time.

Complex made simple

Regardless of your current parking management system and setup, Hi! easily integrates into your existing parking solution and can be installed on top of an existing barrier solution or using a smart barrier-free setup.

Want to go digital with ticketless payment?

No problem.

Need an ultra light and barrier-free solution?

Hi! does that out of the box.

Need to differentiate parking rates based on zones?

You’ll be able to have zones within zones within zones.

“Hi! increased our customer satisfaction, allowed us to run our operations more efficiently and gave us full control of our parking operations. We highly recommend Hi! for anyone running a parking facility, no matter the size.”

Trond Birkeland
CEO – Bergen Parkering AS
4602 parking spaces

How to get started

While integrating Hi! in your current parking facilities is easier than you might think, some preparation and planning is required. Our expert on-boarding team will get in touch to map your needs and ensure that Hi! is a good fit for your use case.

Even if your current parking facilities uses tickets and barriers, we can provide a cost-effective and speedy integration with on-site setup tailored to your needs.

This can include:

  • Barrier-free entry – or on top of your existing barrier system
  • Payment through app/online
  • Custom rates for different zones, like charging zones
  • Customer support service
  • Discount groups

And much more.

How it works

Hi! is a flexible and customizable platform for parking management which utilizes automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) using cameras and sensors. The technology behind the scenes is complex and innovative, but the user experience is as simple as can be.

When a car enters, the license plate is registered and the information uploaded to the cloud. When the car exits, the system simply calculates the price based on the length of the stay and – if the customer is registered through an app – automatically charges the customer. Other payment options are of course available, like payment through physical payment kiosks, invoicing or online payment.

Choose the front-end that’s best for you

Your customers continue to expect more. They want something that just works, and expect a parking experience that is seamless, effortless and enjoyable. We believe that as these expectations evolve, we need to form a cost-effective response based on collaboration.

That’s why we developed Hi! to be as flexible as possible, giving you the freedom to choose.

Our strategic partnerships mean that you can adopt the customer-facing system that best aligns with your requirements and your customer’s expectations.


Upgrade to smart parking management

It’s never been easier to manage your parking facilities. Get in touch and we’ll tell you how you can save time and money by taking your parking facilities into the 21st century.