Client: Göteborgs Stads Parkering AB

Edge as a Service

  • Sub-systems: Counting, ALPR per facility, ALPR single space
  • Detection methods: Induction loop, wide-scan laser, laser pointer, facility camera, single space camera
  • Communication methods: Rest API, Service Bus Topics
  • Network: Fixed lines, mobile broadband
  • Access control: Free-flow, gates, barriers
  • Power supply setups: Standard, solar, PoE
  • Lane controller setups: Local, cloud
  • Facility reset: Sesam Eye
  • Central System: Parkering Göteborg
  • End-user: Parkering Göteborg App

parking facilities


parking spots

Parkering Göteborg is a public parking operator, responsible for more than 70.000 parking spaces spread across facilities in the Gothenburg city center and surrounding areas.

Hi! started the cooperation with Parkering Göteborg in 2018 and have since supported them in finding the right technology for every imaginable edge or roadside system scenario.
(The term edge is often used in an IoT context , while the term roadside system originates from the ITS/Mobility industry and refers to everything that happens “on-site”, opposite of a central system.)

“..the quality of what is delivered is always top class.”

As of 2023 many of their facilities have installed detection technology, from traditional induction loops to cutting-edge single space sensors. All developed, delivered and operated by Hi!

Parkering Göteborg is one of our Customers that uses most of the functionality available in our roadside system portfolio of Sesam PMS (parking management system). Parkering Göteborg has its own central system.

This separation of responsibility shows the modularity of Sesam PMS.

“I think it is extremely easy to discuss technical solutions and integrations with you as your technical level is high. And the quality of what is delivered is always top class.”

Pierre Kärrdin
System Developer – Göteborgs Stads Parkering

Latest technology: Single space sensors

In the last few years Parkering Göteborg and Hi! have put effort into developing single space technology. In autumn 2022 we installed single space sensors covering around 500 spots in P-hus Heden, downtown Gothenburg.

Parkering Göteborg will continue to provide single space sensors to suitable facilities in the future.

Read more about this technology:

Watch video:

..Infrastructure for future integration with a central system.

“The single space system at P-hus Heden has resulted in:

  • Showing the number of free spaces in the parking garage with a very safe margin.
  • Lower costs for CCTV surveillance.
  • Reduced search traffic for customers.
  • Infrastructure for future integration with a central system.
  • Better possibilities for end customers to find charging points or handicapped spots by using other colors on the sensors.”

Shar Stavileci
Administrator Technical Systems – Göteborgs Stads Parkering