Client: Privately owned enterprise

Free-flow parking

Access control: Barrier-free

Detection: Camera (ANPR)

Front end: Sesam Sesam


parking facilities


parking spots


yearly visits

The client is a privately owned company exercising proactive and long-term ownership of a number of enterprises in the areas of industry. The client operates primarily in the B2B market and has an annual turnover of around NOK 2 billion.

The client operates parking spaces for thousands of users across multiple locations. They wanted a parking management system that would lower operating costs and provide a smoother end-user experience.

Our client wanted a parking solution that would give them complete control and oversight. A system that allowed for self-service and increased flexibility. Hi! Delivered on all parameters!

Using the Hi! platform, we implemented a system of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) using cameras that registers the license plate of every vehicle entering or exiting the parking area. This information is connected to the end-user via a front-end system – in this case Sesam Sesam – through which the user can manage their payment details and registered vehicles. Using ANPR we were also able to remove physical barriers completely, meaning vehicles can enter and exit freely, without stopping.

Multiple payment options were made available to the end-user:

Automated payment via registered credit card (our favorite)
Online payment to be made within 48 hours of exiting
Payment via payment kiosks

For end-users failing to use any of the above payment methods, invoicing via mail was set up as a fall-back.

What Hi! means for our clients and end-users:

A vastly reduced workload for to day-to-day parking operations
Better utilization of available parking spaces
Flexible integration with any frond-end system
Barrier-free entry and egress
Fleet handling
Automated payment
Eliminating the hassle and admin related to parking fines
A smoother parking experience and happier end-users

The resulting implementation lowered operating costs for the client, significantly increased revenue by maximizing utilization and greatly improved end-user satisfaction.