Parking as a Service

Based on extensive knowledge in both roadside systems and central systems Hi! is in a unique position to deliver Parking as a Service. The facility owner can focus on the strategic elements of parking, knowing that they have a complete parking management system, and that daily operations are safe.

Parking as a service is the delivery option most of the facility owners choose, as their organization lacks knowledge in the technical part of the parking domain.  Some large facility owners and operators have parking expertise and/or existing systems and want to integrate with parts of the Sesam PMS. Hi! delivers the functionality that fits the need of each facility owner or operator.

This article describes elements we think are important when using the terms PMS (Parking Management Systems) or PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems).


Some examples of emergent properties that can be achieved by merging the two sub-systems:

  1. Improved quality of edge transactions in central system based on advanced algorithms and manual processes.
    • Example 1: Direction detection for bidirectional lanes.
    • Example 2: 1:1 relationship between physical visit and system visit, even though roadside equipment makes mistakes.
    • Example 3: Damaged LPNs appear on a “problematic plates list”, and are mapped with the correct LPN.
  2. Increased end-user satisfaction, due to handling visits not following the normal patterns.
    • Example 1: Visit verification of suspicious patterns.
    • Example 2: Avoid bad publicity by scrutinizing high amounts.
  3. Separate flows for business monitoring and maintenance monitoring from edge.
    • By owning the value chain A-Z, issues can be dealt with internally. Not dependent on third party.
  4. Agreement and payment consistency by controlling all elements.
  5. Experience in the design and delivery of hardware infrastructure.
  6. Advanced sync mechanisms between edge and central system.
    • Example 1: Inform the end-user and/or the agreement administrator that a quota is exceeded, either on a roadside sign or as a notification on the preferred device.
    • Example 2: Correctly assign an LPN to an external mobile payment provider, after making sure the LPN is not on an Sesam PMS agreement.
  7. Optimal solution regarding the placement of logic and functionality, i.e. physical payment kiosk vs. central system.
  8. Short distance from the end-customer support team to operations and development teams.
  9. High quality in configuration and deployment processes because of the overall design.

Proven track record


Flexible Delivery Model

Customer cases

Aalborg Airport

Parkering Göteborg

Bergen Parkering

Emergent properties on the system level are the outcome of Business, Development, DevOps, Operations and Support teams interdependently influencing each other to produce something which is not the sum of its part, but something greater. We know we must maintain and support the features after they are developed and delivered.

Sesam PMS steadily delivers parking functionality that Customers can benefit from, whether in the roadside system or the central system. Or from both sub-systems, choosing Parking as a Service.