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Hi! delivers a proven self-managing, revenue-generating parking management system, called Sesam, that easily integrates into your existing infrastructure. Hi! provides vehicle identification, payments and analytics all in one easy-to-use system.

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Simplifying your day-to-day parking operations

Hi! delivers one of the most advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) on the market, built on decades of domain knowledge and software expertise and realized on the latest technology stack.

Years of experience related to roadside, infrastructure and central systems, have allowed us to develop parking management solutions suitable for every parking scenario imaginable.

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Need an ultra light and barrier-free solution?

Hi! does that out of the box.

Got a complex multi-floor, house-in-house facility with thousands of spaces?

Hi! does that too.

Leave it to your end-user

Customer self-service means less work and lower operating costs, but it also means greater customer satisfaction. Hi! allows end-users to drive in, park and drive out without having to interact with barriers, ticket booths or payment systems.

Designed to scale

50 spaces or 5.000 – Hi! parking management allows for endless flexibility and ease of access. We’ve developed parking solutions for international airports, parking garages and curb-side city parking. No matter your challenges, Hi! is designed to face them head-on.

Total access control

Every vehicle entering or exiting is registered by the system. Eliminating the headache associated with unauthorized parkings and saving both you and your end-user the stress of having to deal with parking fines and tickets.

Park and forget

Hi! supports a wide range of payment solutions, meaning more choice and less frustrations for your end-users. Choose between payment kiosks, invoicing, payment online, through an app or all of the above. The choice is yours.

Free-flow parking

Our client wanted a parking solution that would give them complete control and oversight. A system that allowed for self-service and increased flexibility. Hi! Delivered on all parameters!


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Generate revenue with smart data

The smart data provided by our platform allows for continued optimization of your parking facilities and better utilization of your spaces. Hi! includes a suite of business intelligence tools made specifically to enhance and make usable the data collected by the parking management system.

And if the thought of all that data makes your head spin. No worries. Our expert analytics team stand ready to help you make the most out of your data, finding ways of optimizing utilization and reducing operating costs so that you can focus on running your facility.

Dashboard illustrating anonymized data.

On-site setup tailored to your needs

Regardless of your current parking management system and setup, Hi! easily integrates into your existing parking solution and can be installed on top of an existing barrier solution or using a smart barrier-free setup.

All permits are digital and based on self-service. They also handle access control, allowing you to set up free access, fixed price access or pay-per-use.


Induction loops


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
On-board Units (OBU)
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Facial Recognition
Lane Controllers

Ready to go with Sesam

Sesam is the name of our end-to-end system, while Sesam Sesam is the easy-to-use front-end (app and web) that allows for automatic payment seamlessly integrated with our roadside system and central parking management system.

Do you want to find out how this works in real life? Check out how end-users manage their visits and agreements using the Sesam Sesam:

But Hi! also allows for flexible integrations with other front-end systems.

Choose the front-end that’s best for you

Your customers continue to expect more. They want something that just works, and expect a parking experience that is seamless, effortless and enjoyable. We believe that as these expectations evolve, we need to form a cost-effective response based on collaboration.

That’s why we developed Hi! to be as flexible as possible, giving you the freedom to choose.

Our strategic partnerships mean that you can adopt the customer-facing system that best aligns with your requirements and your customer’s expectations.


Future-proofed and secure

We designed Hi! to be a robust and flexible parking management platform. We use open and modern APIs to ensure that the system is flexible, scalable and ready for any future technologies and opportunities.

Developed for and hosted in Microsoft Azure, Hi! has unparalleled security and reliability with a historic uptime of 99.95%. GDPR and PSD2 compliance is standard.

Let Hi! take care of your parking management

Fill in your details and we’ll get in touch and explore how Hi! can drive revenue for your parking operations.