Client: Bergen Parkering AS

Effortless facility-in-facility parking management

Access control: Parking barriers

Detection: Camera (ANPR)

Front end: Sesam Sesam


parking facilities


parking spots


yearly visits

Bergen Parkering AS is a public parking operator, responsible for more than 4.000 parking spaces spread over 12 facilities in the Bergen city center.

“We’ve been using Hi! for parking management since 2015 and it is now an essential part of our operations.”

The facilities use barriers for access control in combination with camera detection, allowing for automatic opening and closing of parking barriers using ANPR when the number plate of the vehicle is registered in the system.

Facility-in-facility charging areas

Using Hi! Bergen Parkering is able to differentiate parking rates, allowing for dedicated charging areas for electric vehicles with separate pricing. This allows them to offer the end-user a useful service without affecting the parking experience in any way as the rates are calculated automatically based on the time spent charging.

Value added through smart integrations

In cooperation with Bergen Kino (Bergen Cinema), Bergen Parkering is also able to offer discounts for moviegoers using Hi! and Bergen Kino’s mobile app. The end-user gets a discount on their parking within a specified time frame when using the app and parking in select facilities.

Likewise, end-users are able to enjoy discounts to the nearby swimming and diving center AdO Arena.


Mobile application
Price calculations
Payments handling
End-user support
Discount module
Facility-in-facility charging area

Flexible payment options

To provide the highest degree of convenience for the end-user, multiple payment options were made available:

Automated payment via the Sesam Sesam app
Online payment to be made within 48 hours of exiting
Payment via payment kiosks
Payment using credit card at entry/exit

Driving revenue with Hi!

Implemeting Hi! means better utilization, lower costs and more satisfied end-users. Bergen Parkering have seen their revenues increase significantly since implementing Hi!

Revenue increase

2019-2021: 12%

2021-2022: 20%

“Hi! has increased our customer satisfaction, allowed us to run our operations more efficiently and given us full control over our parking operations. We highly recommend Hi! for anyone running a parking facility, no matter the size.”

Trond Birkeland
CEO – Bergen Parkering AS