Single space


The Sesam solution has delivered per area products for over 10 years. In short, the per area products makes sure a vehicle is detected and identified on dedicated ID-zones when entering and exiting a parking facility.

In the recent years Hi! has put R&D effort into another product category, that is per spot.



Lightweight roadside equipment results in faster installations and less complexity in operations, aka scalable.

Relevant data is securely sent from the roadside to the Central System and processed according to business rules.



The sensors themselves are event-driven/real-time, but algorithms running in the central system might delay results to increase quality. Parameters can be set from a few seconds to several minutes delay, depending on what the client wants to achieve.



  • Parking guidance inside the garage.
    • The sensor shows red colour if occupied and green if free.
    • HC and rentals, for example, can have dedicated colours.


  • Count and keep correct occupancy, total and/or defined areas, without the need of manual or automatic resets as the solution updates itself in near real-time.
    • Possible for external systems to re-use current counting-API to show occupancy on VMS, app or web, as they do with established per area detection methods like laser, video and induction loops.
    • No images involved.


  • Generate an entry and an exit transaction based on license plate recognition (ALPR), which in turn can be used to create a visit.
    • The visit can either be charged in the solution or used for enforcement purposes if agreements/payments are handled in external systems/channels.
    • Possible for external systems to re-use current visit-API to receive transactions as they do with established per area detection methods like laser, video and induction loops.


  • Differentiated ALPR-parking in smaller areas, as a stand-alone solution or in addition to per area solution, for example electric charging area or VIP-area.


  • Optimization of parking areas used by rental and carsharing companies.


  • True booking
    • “Booking” has been a word used for decades in the parking industry, but a better description would be a pre-paid visit on an area that will never go full.
    • With this product it is actually possible to reserve a dedicated parking spot for an end-user and communicate this spot on App or VMS.
      • Think of it as an airplane seat, with the possibility of changing the spot and guiding the user to the spot.


  • Electric charging, as stand-alone product or in addition to per area products.
    • Traditional electrical vehicle (EV) charging systems need a separate station for each charging pole which in turn needs to communicate with a third party (payment terminal, QR-code reader, bluetooth, IoT etc.) to start and stop charging.
    • With this product the end-user does not need to do any actions related to his electric charging visit other than park at the spot, insert the charging cable, do their business, remove the charging cable and remove the vehicle from the spot.
    • The charging station is available 24/7 and the end-user only pays for the time occupying the spot.


  • The product will be able to inform your end-users where they parked their car, in case they forget.
    • For example, display the exact position in a mobile application.


  • By using a dedicated protocol the sensors can also be used by CCTV systems.


  • Reduces the time spent on finding a place to park, i.e. improved customer satisfaction and less environmental footprint.


Per spot - Counting part

Single space – Counting part

Per spot - Visit part

Single space – Visit/CCTV part

Per spot - Installation

Single space – Installation