Virtual Payment Kiosk

Hi Tech Mobility has launched a mobile QR-based payment solution that gives the customer a new digital experience. Fully integrated with our Sesam Parking Management System, the release of the Virtual Payment Kiosk (VPK) is a new way for our customers to provide the best parking experience for their customers. Our Virtual Payment Kiosk supports payment through MobilePay (DNK), Vipps (NOR) and Swish (SWE) in addition to Credit Cards. 

The VPK provide drivers with a quick, easy, and secure method to pay for their parking directly from their own mobile devices. This innovative solution is set to enhance the efficiency for all involved parties, from drivers to facility owners 

At Hi! we commit to protecting our customers’ investment with the continual release of innovative features. 

Virtual Payment Kiosk in the middle of two physical kiosks at Aalborg Airport, Denmark.

Why implement the Virtual Payment Kiosk? 

  1. Effortless: enables drivers to scan QR codes displayed on signages in the car facilities. Reducing the need for extra physical payment kiosks. 
  2. General: Works on both on-street and off-street parking facilities. 
  3. Revenue: VPK is seamlessly integrated with Sesam Parking Management System, providing parking owners and operators revenue reporting. 
  4. Save money: it is a hardware-free solution. Relieves operators from hardware maintenance and from the risks related to cash management. 

Make it easy for your customers: 

  1. Efficient and anonymous: Solution requires no app downloads or registrations. Few actions to complete the payment. The process is started by scanning a QR code displayed in the car park or by logging in to a specific website. 
  2. Pay on the go: Drivers can pay for their parking tickets from anywhere in the parking facility, giving them flexibility and time-saving alternatives. 
  3. Easier Payment Process: With Vipps, Mobilepay and Swish the solution offers a user-friendly interface, eliminating waiting times and making the payment process faster and easier. 
  4. Receipts and Convenience: Users will receive electronic receipts for parking payments directly to their email or downloaded to their mobile device.