About us

The people behind Hi! (Hi Tech Mobility) have been developing and optimizing mobility solutions for tolling, ferries and parking management since 2004. After many years of developing and operating roadside and infrastructure systems, we recognized that the technology had finally reached a point where we could realize our vision of the future developing smart mobility solutions.

This led us to create Hi!


We make your job easier

Our solution lets parking providers manage, track and analyze their facilities from anywhere, automating many of the previously time-consuming and tedious tasks related to facility management.


From insight to opportunity

Detailed insights and analytics tools allow our customers to focus on growth and creating new business opportunities, while the end-user enjoys an effortless and smooth parking experience.


Solutions that move you

Parking management systems is not only hassle-free parking for vehicles, but also allowing people with valid agreements to move freely in and out of the facilities.




Frode Herland

Chief Operating Officer

Email: frode.herland@hitechmobility.io

Frode Herland holds a degree in Business Administration from BI Bergen (Norwegian Business School). Frode is experienced in sales and project management from implementing customized solutions for clients in the finance and technology sectors. He joined the Sesam project in June 2013 as Business Manager.


Bengt Jørgen Olsen

Chief Technology Officer

Email: bengt.jorgen.olsen@hitechmobility.io

Bengt Jørgen Olsen holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from USN (University of South-Eastern Norway) and UIB (University of Bergen). Bengt has worked with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for over 15 years. Bengt has extensive experience within information system architecture, quantitative research and end-user satisfaction. Bengt joined the Sesam project in August 2012.


Tonje Krog

Chief Executive Officer

Email: tonje.krog@hitechmobility.io

Tonje Krog holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Management in Tourism from BI Bergen (Norwegian Business School). Tonje joined the Sesam project in March 2019 as Chief Financial Officer. In December 2021 she was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Project managers


Andrzej Suszyński

Project Manager – Development

Andrzej Suszyński holds a degree in Computer Science from the Silesian University of Technology. Andrzej has several years of experience as a programmer. Now he is focused on coordinating work between several development teams and customers. Andrzej joined the Sesam project in November 2012 as a developer.


Raúl Angel García Pérez

Project Manager – Operations

Raúl Pérez holds a master in Information Technology from UIS (University of Stavanger), focusing on automation and signal processing. Raul works with robot technology, signal processing, image processing and machine vision.


Elisa Stewart Nilberg

Project Manager – Customer experience

Elisa Stewart Nilberg holds a Master’s degree in Media Studies from UIB (University of Bergen) and has worked with communications and customer experience for over 10 years. Elisa has been involved in the Sesam project and user solutions since 2016.


Henrik Søvik Andersen

Project Manager – Roadside

Henrik Andersen is experienced in project management from specialized customer cases within the technology sector. Henrik specializes in the delivery and maintenance of roadside equipment and unattended payment solutions. Henrik joined the Sesam project in March 2018.



Piotr Kamiński

DevOps Engineer

Piotr has over 12 years of experience in automation systems. He is currently focused on exploring cloud services and searching for new solutions for the intelligent transport system projects. Piotr holds a degree in Computer Science.


Dominik Cyran

DevOps Engineer

Dominik holds a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Silesian University of Technology. Dominik joined the Sesam project in March 2019 as a DevOps Engineer.


Hayder Al-Saadi

DevOps Engineer

Hayder Al-Saadi holds a master’s degree in computer science.  His experience from working with infrastructure in a large Norwegian municipality and Azure Developer certification makes him a perfect fit as a DevOps Engineer in our team.


Nicolas Motamayor

System Consultant

Nicolas Motamayor studies computer science at UIB (University of Bergen), focusing on security. Nicolas works with second-line support and helps out creating documentation and reports for our Customers. With a structured mindset and the professional skills required Nicolas can take different roles in our team for the years to come.

Business analysts


Adam Tyla

Business Analyst

Adam holds a degree in Human Sciences and Computer Networking. He has over 15 years of experience at software development companies. Adam is focused on understanding customers needs so that the final product can help run the customers business. Adam joined the Sesam project in July 2018 as a Business Analyst.


Przemysław Machlowski

Business Analyst

Przemysław has been working as a Business Analyst for over 10 years. He is focused mostly on determining changes that will provide the biggest value to cost for the customers. Przemek has been working with the Sesam team since November 2012. He holds a degree in Computer Science.

Design – Team leader


Marta Haida

UX Designer

Marta is a graduate of the User Experience and Product Design program at AGH University of Science and Technology. She has been working as a UX designer for the past 5 years. Marta joined the Sesam project in 2015 as a UX designer. She specializes in prototyping the solutions, usability testing, and looking for solutions which tackle users’ real problems.

R&D  – Team leader


Daniel Grudzień

Team Leader

Daniel Grudzień holds a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the Silesian University of Technology.

Daniel has over 14 years of experience as a programmer, but currently he is mainly focused on leading software development, systems design, evaluation of new technology and tech stack choices.

Quality Assurance – Team leader


Andrzej Nowak

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Andrzej Nowak has experience in developing quality control operations and processes, especially in the field of intelligent transport system projects. Andrzej holds a degree in Computer Science. He has been working at the Sesam project since 2013.

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